Last update: 19th November 2004 - site revamp

small pickle

17th December 2004 - due to general paucity of time, haven't finished sketch update, but new oekaki drawing board and forums are now up and running! everyone is welcome to post.

19th November 2004 - main gallery now up and running, sketch1 update in progress

17th November 2004 - nope, not dead! Sorry about the slack updates, but I've been pretty busy with work and suchlike. Currently updating the site, so some things might look a little bizarre. Please bear with me while I attempt to put my galleries in order :)

About never.ever

Location: London and Cambridge, England
Current occupation: Character artist (3D) on currently undisclosed game at Sony Studio Cambridge
Equipment: Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook T3010 tablet dubbed "theLemon", bits and pieces of assorted natural media
Currently: running out of things to say about myself
uh. yeah!

Please browse my art galleries and leave me a note. I really appreciate feedback, particularly constructive criticism. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments.

Kindly click the "art" link up top and save yourself my drivel.


List of updates:

17th December 2004 - oekaki board and forum updates
19th November 2004 - general update, gallery updates.
17th November 2004 - general site revamp in progress
27th November 2003 - 2 personal
13th May 2003 - 1 portfolio, fixed personal 7's colours and the links in "other".
11th May 2003 - bulletin update
1st April 2003 - msgboard
29th March 2003 - 1 personal
27th March 2003 - 1 portfolio
25th March 2003 - 1 sketch
17th March 2003 - 3 sketches
16th March 2003 - 1 personal
7th March 2003 - 10 sketches - oekaki bbs
3rd March - renovated the site completely